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Ugly Adventures #1867 - No Mores Please!


Babo: "Oi's, you, gives me my jacketer backs!"

Cinko: "What is you talkerings about, it's my jacketer!"

Babo: "I'm going to counts to tens, then I won't be accountablers for my actioners!"

Cinko: "Counters away, is my jacketer!"

Babo: "...8....9....10"

*Thwuuuuump* *Thwuuuuump* ...... *Thwuuuump*

Cinko: "No....mores...please!"

Babo: "Gets your smelliers flipper out of my face!"


Babo: "And don't touchers my jacketer again, or elsers!"

*Babo stomps off*

Cinko: "Aooooowaaaa, where ams I?"

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