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Ugly Adventures #2515 - Merryteasers


Backs in Novembers when we wents over to Cambridgers to visits Baz's brothers and his families in their new houser, I pickereds up an awesomers advents calendars with loads of malteserers chocomalates insides!

Thats in itselfs isn't the biggerests of newsers, buts you can imagines what I was thinkerings the wholes time that I was aways in Americas with Baz from lates Novembers right throughs the firsts coupler of weeks of Decembers.  Yups, you thinks the sames as me, woulds my advents calendars survivers in my absencers?!?!?!

Somehows it dids, and that meanereds that I had to plays catchups on alls the days I had missereds out ons, brings it on merryteasers, I is readies for you now!

Todays steps = 5,981

The 2014 grand total = 2,101,454

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