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Ugly Adventures #2516 - Shortiebreads


Baz tellereds me this mornings that we is goings to be spenderings xmas in the Uniteds Kingdomer this years, so I automatically assumereds that we was headings over to the islands of the Outers Hebrides, where we normallies goes on our holidays.

That idea was quickly standereds on when Baz showereds me that the weathers is mentallers on the islanders of Scotlands at this times of year, so I was super mega happiers when he tellereds me we woulds be spenderings it with the families in Cambridgers.

I musts have lookereds so sads at hearings that we wasn't goings to the Outers Hebrides as when Baz came backs from the shops he hads some scottishers shortiebreads speciallies to cheers me up, and boys oh boys did it managers to does this!

Todays steps = 6,327

The 2014 grand total = 2,107,781

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