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Ugly Adventures #2532 - Ins The Clubber


I can't quites believers that today is alreadies the finallers day of my years in the spotslighter, it's gones by so fasters, honestlies, it feelers likes it's justs the middlers of Aprils to me!

I has really enjoyereds readings all of your commenters and checkerings out alls of your favouriters you has dones overs the lasts year, so I musts saluters you alls for makings my years so much mores enjoyerables, feels free to takes a bow and patters yourselfs on the backs, you deservers it!

My gooders buddies Babo, Wage and Cinko are waiterings to welcomers me intos the "clubber of coolers dudes", of whichers I wills be the fourths memberer, afters completerings a solos year, whats an achievementaller!

Alsos, as you can hopefully sees, I has beens an inspirationer to Wedginald, who is no longers afraider to be seens in publics in his cosplayer outfitter, talks about a wins wins situationer!

Thankers you alls once agains, and I hopes you all has a greats new years evenings and alls the bestesters for 2015...!!!

Wooohoooo, party times...!!!

Todays steps = 3,194

The 2014 grand total = 2,206,211

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