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Ugly Adventures #2533 - Keek-A-Boos



Evens if Baz says he doesn't has times to spenders takerings and uploaderings the adventurers of us littlers guys this years, theres is no ways hosays that I would lets you guys missers outs on alls of the funners and gamers, so I has takereds the matters into my own handies!

Welcomes to the years 2015, which is also knowns as "on my tods", as this is exactlies how it wills be, littlers olds me outs in the biggers worlds withouts any helps or assistancers from Baz (buts I may pleaders withs Mireille to helps me from times to times if you guys is okays withs this?).

I sure hopes you will hoppers on boards and shares my adventurers withs me this years!

"All aboards, toots toots!!!"

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