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Ugly Adventures #0730 - Goblins


It's been at least a couple of days now since a fit of mass hysteria has spread like wildfire through my hotel room.  Previous causes of said mass hysteria have been from quite a variety of sources such as the infamous cat which paid Babo a visit, the public outcry about the Ken twins munching on Sushi's poor off-cuts and other less dramatic things such as the cookie tin being left empty.

For the record it's against Ugly law #7262 subsection 4 to eat the last cookie in a pre-defined cookie tin and not (a) inform all other cookie lovers in a 5 mile radius, and (b) the eater of the final cookie must buy more cookies straight away.

Back to todays hysteria causing madness, our little yellow friend Trunko had been out playing on the grass in the sunny weather when he started screaming his lungs out for help.  Babo (as always) was the first to react and ran down to the grass to assist Trunko, followed by Cinko, Uglydog, Domo (who took my camera with him to gather evidence of whatever caused the madness).

Domo managed to capture this shot of Trunko running away from what he says are "Goblins, flippin' Goblins, there be's Goblins outsides".  Babo took some time to calm Trunko down and then asked him more about the Goblins he had encountered, "Was these Goblins goods or bads Goblins?".  Trunko looked stunned at Babo's question and replied, "Babo, they is Goblins, you hears me, Goblins! I don't hangs around to finds out if they is goods or bads, maybes you should go invites them for teas and cookies to finds out, huh?".

"I thinks I will do just that..." said Babo as he grabbed a few cookies and made his way out of the door in search of the strange Goblin creature.

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