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Ugly Adventures #1312 - Handies Free


Justs like I had plannereds to do, tonights I pickereds up the hotels roomer phone and callereds back to the cookie cave in Aachen to lets the whole gang knows that I is comings home in justs a few daysies time!

I firsts gettered Cinko ontos the phone and askereds him to gets the whole ugly posse arounds the phone, rights beside the sider of the bed where Mireille was sleepering, then putters it on handies free which I dids also on this ender.

As soon as Cinko whispereds "okays, is dones!" through the phone to me I shoutereds "Babo and Baz is comerings homes on Fridays!!!", which gots the whole gang whoopering and yippereeing likes a buncher of crazy mentallers.

I thinks I heareds Mireille shoutings at them alls to be quiets, buts with newsies like I just givereds them she can'ts complainer at alls, oh noes, not at alls!

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