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Ugly Adventures #1392 - Challenge Event #2


The BIG 2012 Challenge

Events Lister

1 - 100 Press Ups
2 - Mental Agilities #1 (Jigsaw Puzzlers)
3 - Cookie Balancing
4 - Mental Agilities #2 (Spotters The Differencers)
5 - 1 Mile Runners

Event #2 - Mental Agilities #1 - Jigsaw Puzzlers

After his defeat in the Press Ups event Babo was left with having to let Wage have first crack at the first of two mental agility challenges, which this time involved having to complete a jigsaw puzzle against the clock.

Wage posted the bar very high completing the jigsaw puzzle in a time of 1 minute and 14 seconds.

Babo stepped up to the table with a look of real determination in his eyes, and as soon as the stopwatch started running he was an ugly on a mission.

"DONES!", Babo shouted with the clock reading a mere 53 seconds, quite an awesome display of mental agility as I'm sure you'll agree.

"I owes my mentallers agilities win to Mireille who stayeds up late lasts night to makers me this awesomers headband, it's keeperings my brain warmeds up and full chargereds!"

Even Wage gave Babo a thumbs up for such an amazing effort in this event!

Current Score

Babo 1
Wage 1

Stay tuned for Event #3 which will be coming up a little later on...

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